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Triple ideas

Kinda am new to this whole community and Live Journal stuff so bare with me.

Here is my Cosplay plains for my Resident Evil Cosplay groupings.
Jill Valentain from RE: 3
Rebbeca Chambers: RE2

Then this one is my WIP at the moment [no pictures sorry]

Alexia first form:

I’m planning on doing Alexia from Code Veronica and I bought a couple yards of this gray-ish tinted fabric. I can picture it in my mind, too. You see, her right arm and left leg is covered in that funky plant-like stuff? Well, I’m making a belly shirt with one sleeve that will loop around my middle finger. I’m doing the same concept for legs. Shorts with a legging. From there I will ether use mom as a model or have someone else spray on this awesome spray foam on the shin, and the front of my knee, not the back. Once it dries, I will take it off and sand it, carve it then paint it. [btw, the shin is down while sitting down.] On to the thigh, same concept but standing. This way ensure sitting down capability. Repeat for arm!


And as an added bonus, Alexia’s hair and firepowers! For her hair, I am using a base of felt and buying some large leaf plastic houseplants! As for the fire, I’m going to be using red, orange, and yellow plastic wrap coming from a small foam ball and pined along the arm.


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